This is technical reference documentation for the “base”, “refentry”, and “utility” sets of common templates in the DocBook XSL Stylesheets. These templates are “common” in that they are shared across output formats (that is, they’re not output-format-dependent)

This documentation is not intended to be user documentation. It is provided for developers writing customization layers for the stylesheets.

Table of Contents

2.1. Common ╗ Base Template Reference
is.component — Tests if a given node is a component-level element
is.section — Tests if a given node is a section-level element
section.level — Returns the hierarchical level of a section
qanda.section.level — Returns the hierarchical level of a QandASet
select.mediaobject — Selects and processes an appropriate media object from a list
select.mediaobject.index — Selects the position of the appropriate media object from a list
is.acceptable.mediaobject — Returns '1' if the specified media object is recognized — Warn users about references to non-unique IDs
check.idref.targets — Warn users about incorrectly typed references
copyright.years — Print a set of years with collapsed ranges
find.path.params — Search in a table for the "best" match for the node
string.upper — Converts a string to all uppercase letters
string.lower — Converts a string to all lowercase letters
select.choice.separator — Returns localized choice separator — Evaluates an info profile
graphic.format.content-type — Returns mimetype for media format
2.2. Common ╗ Refentry Metadata Template Reference
get.refentry.metadata — Gathers metadata from a refentry and its ancestors
get.refentry.title — Gets title metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.section — Gets section metadata for a refentry — Gets date metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.source — Gets source metadata for a refentry — Gets source-name metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.version — Gets version metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.manual — Gets source metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.metadata.prefs — Gets user preferences for refentry metadata gathering
set.refentry.metadata — Sets content of a refentry metadata item
2.3. Common ╗ Utility Template Reference
log.message — Logs/emits formatted notes and warnings
get.doc.title — Gets a title from the current document
pad-string — Right-pads or left-pads a string out to a certain length
2.4. Common ╗ Character-Map Template Reference
apply-character-map — Applies an XSLT character map
read-character-map — Reads in all or part of an XSLT character map