body.margin.outer — Specify the size of the outer margin of the body region


<xsl:param name="body.margin.outer">0in</xsl:param>


The outer body margin is the extra outer side (opposite the binding side) margin taken from the body region in addition to the outer page margin. It makes room for a side region for text content whose width is specified by the region.outer.extent parameter.

For double-sided output, this side region is fo:region-end on a odd-numbered page, and fo:region-start on an even-numbered page.

For single-sided output, this side region is fo:region-end for all pages.

This correspondence applies to all languages, both left-to-right and right-to-left writing modes.

The default value is zero.

See also region.inner.extent, region.outer.extent, body.margin.inner, side.region.precedence.