Table of Contents

formal.procedures — Selects formal or informal procedures
formal.title.placement — Specifies where formal object titles should occur
runinhead.default.title.end.punct — Default punctuation character on a run-in-head
runinhead.title.end.punct — Characters that count as punctuation on a run-in-head
show.comments — Display remark elements?
show.revisionflag — Enable decoration of elements that have a revisionflag
shade.verbatim — Should verbatim environments be shaded?
shade.verbatim.style — Properties that specify the style of shaded verbatim listings
punct.honorific — Punctuation after an honorific in a personal name.
tex.math.in.alt — TeX notation used for equations
tex.math.file — Name of temporary file for generating images from equations
tex.math.delims — Should equations output for processing by TeX be surrounded by math mode delimiters?
pixels.per.inch — How many pixels are there per inch?
points.per.em — Specify the nominal size of an em-space in points
use.svg — Allow SVG in the result tree?
menuchoice.separator — Separator between items of a menuchoice other than guimenuitem and guisubmenu
menuchoice.menu.separator — Separator between items of a menuchoice with guimenuitem or guisubmenu
default.float.class — Specifies the default float class
footnote.number.format — Identifies the format used for footnote numbers
table.footnote.number.format — Identifies the format used for footnote numbers in tables
footnote.number.symbols — Special characters to use as footnote markers
table.footnote.number.symbols — Special characters to use a footnote markers in tables
highlight.source — Should the content of programlisting be syntactically highlighted?
highlight.xslthl.config — Location of XSLTHL configuration file
highlight.default.language — Default language of programlisting
email.delimiters.enabled — Generate delimiters around email addresses?
exsl.node.set.available — Is the test function-available('exsl:node-set') true?