Part 1. XSL Library Template Reference


This is technical reference documentation for the vocabulary-independent “library” templates in the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

This is not intended to be user documentation. It is provided for developers writing customization layers for the stylesheets.

Table of Contents

1.1. General Library Templates
dot.count — Returns the number of . characters in a string
copy-string — Returns count copies of a string
string.subst — Substitute one text string for another in a string
xpointer.idref — Extract IDREF from an XPointer
idref — Extract IDREF from a linking element
length-magnitude — Return the unqualified dimension from a length specification
length-units — Return the units from a length specification
length-spec — Return a fully qualified length specification
length-in-points — Returns the size, in points, of a specified length
pi-attribute — Extract a pseudo-attribute from a PI
lookup.key — Retrieve the value associated with a particular key in a table
xpath.location — Calculate the XPath child-sequence to the current node
comment-escape-string — Prepare a string for inclusion in an XML comment
comment-escape-string.recursive — Internal function used by comment-escape-string
trim.text — Trim leading and trailing whitespace from a text node
str.tokenize.keep.delimiters — Tokenize a string while preserving any delimiters
apply-string-subst-map — Apply a string-substitution map
1.2. Relative URI Functions
count.uri.path.depth — Count the number of path components in a relative URI
trim.common.uri.paths — Trim common leading path components from a relative URI
resolve.path — Resolve any ../ in path, except leading ../
dirname — Return directory part of a path