Part 1. HTML Processing Instruction Reference

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This is generated reference documentation for all user-specifiable processing instructions (PIs) in the DocBook XSL stylesheets for HTML output.


You add these PIs at particular points in a document to cause specific “exceptions” to formatting/output behavior. To make global changes in formatting/output behavior across an entire document, it’s better to do it by setting an appropriate stylesheet parameter (if there is one).

Table of Contents

dbhtml_background-color — Sets background color for an image
dbhtml_bgcolor — Sets background color on a CALS table row or table cell
dbhtml_cellpadding — Specifies cellpadding in CALS table or qandaset output
dbhtml_cellspacing — Specifies cellspacing in CALS table or qandaset output
dbhtml_class — Set value of the class attribute for a CALS table row
dbhtml_dir — Specifies a directory name in which to write files
dbhtml_filename — Specifies a filename for a chunk
dbhtml_funcsynopsis-style — Specifies presentation style for a funcsynopsis
dbhtml_img.src.path — Specifies a path to the location of an image file
dbhtml_label-width — Specifies the label width for a qandaset
dbhtml_linenumbering.everyNth — Specifies interval for line numbers in verbatims
dbhtml_linenumbering.separator — Specifies separator text for line numbers in verbatims
dbhtml_linenumbering.width — Specifies width for line numbers in verbatims
dbhtml_list-presentation — Specifies presentation style for a variablelist or segmentedlist
dbhtml_list-width — Specifies the width of a variablelist or simplelist
dbhtml_row-height — Specifies the height for a CALS table row
dbhtml_start — (obsolete) Sets the starting number on an ordered list
dbhtml_stop-chunking — Do not chunk any descendants of this element.
dbhtml_table-summary — Specifies summary for CALS table, variablelist, segmentedlist, or qandaset output
dbhtml_table-width — Specifies the width for a CALS table
dbhtml_term-presentation — Sets character formatting for terms in a variablelist
dbhtml_term-separator — Specifies separator text among terms in a varlistentry
dbhtml_term-width — Specifies the term width for a variablelist
dbhtml_toc — Specifies whether a TOC should be generated for a qandaset
dbcmdlist — Generates a hyperlinked list of commands
dbfunclist — Generates a hyperlinked list of functions
dbhtml-include_href — Copies an external well-formed HTML/XML file into current doc
dbhh — Sets topic name and topic id for context-sensitive HTML Help