Part 6. Website Parameter Reference

This is reference documentation for all user-configurable parameters in the DocBook XSL Website stylesheet (for generating websites from DocBook XML sources). Note that the Website stylesheet is a customization layer of the DocBook XSL HTML stylesheet. Therefore, in addition to the Website-specific parameters listed in this section, you can also use a number of HTML stylesheet parameters to control Website output.

Table of Contents

6.1. General Parameters
autolayout-file — Identifies the autolayout.xml file
body.attributes — DEPRECATED
currentpage.marker — The text symbol used to mark the current page
dry-run — Indicates that no files should be produced
feedback.href — HREF (URI) for feedback link — The text of the feedback link
feedback.with.ids — Toggle use of IDs in feedback
filename-prefix — Prefix added to all filenames — Toggle <HR> before footer — Toggle <HR> after header
output-root — Specifies the root directory of the website
rebuild-all — Indicates that all files should be produced
sequential.links — Make sequentional links?
suppress.homepage.title — Suppress title on homepage?
table.spacer.image — Invisible pixel for tabular accessibility
6.2. Navigation Parameters
banner.before.navigation — Put banner before navigation?
navbgcolor — The background color of the navigation TOC
navbodywidth — Specifies the width of the navigation table body
nav.table.summary — HTML Table summary attribute value for navigation tables
navtocwidth — Specifies the width of the navigation table TOC
textbgcolor — The background color of the table body
6.3. ToC Parameters
toc.blank.graphic — Use graphic for "blanks" in TOC?
toc.blank.image — The image for "blanks" in the TOC
toc.blank.text — The text for "blanks" in the TOC
toc.pointer.graphic — Use graphic for TOC pointer?
toc.pointer.image — The image for the "pointer" in the TOC
toc.pointer.text — The text for the "pointer" in the TOC
toc.spacer.graphic — Use graphic for TOC spacer?
toc.spacer.image — The image for spacing the TOC
toc.spacer.text — The text for spacing the TOC