generate.toc — Control generation of ToCs and LoTs


<xsl:param name="generate.toc">
/appendix toc,title
article/appendix  nop
/article  toc,title
book      toc,title,figure,table,example,equation
/chapter  toc,title
part      toc,title
/preface  toc,title
reference toc,title
/sect1    toc
/sect2    toc
/sect3    toc
/sect4    toc
/sect5    toc
/section  toc
set       toc,title


This parameter has a structured value. It is a table of space-delimited path/value pairs. Each path identifies some element in the source document using a restricted subset of XPath (only the implicit child axis, no wildcards, no predicates). Paths can be either relative or absolute.

When processing a particular element, the stylesheets consult this table to determine if a ToC (or LoT(s)) should be generated.

For example, consider the entry:

book toc,figure

This indicates that whenever a book is formatted, a Table Of Contents and a List of Figures should be generated. Similarly,

/chapter toc

indicates that whenever a document that has a root of chapter is formatted, a Table of Contents should be generated. The entry chapter would match all chapters, but /chapter matches only chapter document elements.

Generally, the longest match wins. So, for example, if you want to distinguish articles in books from articles in parts, you could use these two entries:

book/article toc,figure
part/article toc

Note that an article in a part can never match a book/article, so if you want nothing to be generated for articles in parts, you can simply leave that rule out.

If you want to leave the rule in, to make it explicit that you're turning something off, use the value nop. For example, the following entry disables ToCs and LoTs for articles:

article nop

Do not simply leave the word article in the file without a matching value. That'd be just begging the silly little path/value parser to get confused.

Section ToCs are further controlled by the generate.section.toc.level parameter. For a given section level to have a ToC, it must have both an entry in generate.toc and be within the range enabled by generate.section.toc.level.