ToC/LoT/Index Generation

Table of Contents

autotoc.label.separator — Separator between labels and titles in the ToC
process.empty.source.toc — Generate automated TOC if toc element occurs in a source document?
process.source.toc — Process a non-empty toc element if it occurs in a source document?
generate.toc — Control generation of ToCs and LoTs
generate.index — Do you want an index?
make.index.markup — Generate XML index markup in the index?
index.method — Select method used to group index entries in an index
index.on.type — Select indexterms based on type attribute value
index.on.role — Select indexterms based on role value — Properties used to emphasize page number references for significant index terms — Properties applied to the formatted entries in an index — Properties associated with the letter headings in an index
autolink.index.see — Link index see and seealso to index primary
index.number.separator — Override for punctuation separating page numbers in index
index.range.separator — Override for punctuation separating the two numbers in a page range in index
index.term.separator — Override for punctuation separating an index term from its list of page references in an index — Properties associated with XEP index-items
toc.section.depth — How deep should recursive sections appear in the TOC?
toc.max.depth — How many levels should be created for each TOC?
toc.indent.width — Amount of indentation for TOC entries — Properties for lines in ToCs and LoTs — How the leaders (rows of dots) are going to look like in ToC? — Margin properties used on Tables of Contents — Should bridgehead elements appear in the TOC? — Should simplesect elements appear in the TOC?
generate.section.toc.level — Control depth of TOC generation in sections